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Social media graphics that pop – 5 of Abbie’s favourite posts
  • Monty Team

We love creating social media content that stands out, gets results and our client’s followers love.

It’s not just a good idea, but the execution and how it resonates with their audience. Scroll on to see some of our favourites from September, why they worked, and the strategy behind the ideas…

  • Monty Team

Here’s Social Designer Abbie’s top 5 takes on just some of our client projects we’ve been working on…

Instagram Feed Carousels

Carousels are a great way to tell a story, inform your audience or explain something in more detail. In this post for award winning podcast A Gay & A NonGay, it was important to get a message across on a nationally celebrated day, but also make it bitesize, creatively attractive and relevant to the audience.

The design flows across the whole carousel , making it easy to follow and enjoyable to scroll through.


Motion graphics can bring to life a simple phrase or celebration moment. It grabs the viewers eye across the screen and slowly reveals the surprise. It’s very simple but effective! It also allows us to get creative with client branding – moving it, adding shakes or transitions.

Make It Funny

People like to laugh and engage with content, and sometimes a well-made meme is all you need!

Jumping On Trends

Instagram Reels can be easy to execute – with the right creative and idea. Here’s an example of how something can be really playful and fun, whilst still being designed well & on-brand.

Taking self-shot footage from our client, we were able to add graphics, motion and a whole lot of fun!

Doing Good

This post shows practical advice on how to be a better ally to the trans community – the vibrant design catches peoples eyes in the feed and encourages them to make simple changes which matter, a win win!

Want to see how we can supercharge your brand’s social? Get in touch Buy real dapoxetine to learn the Monty way.

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